Youth in Despair; A Solution to a World Problem!

This essay, by Mohamed Moumie, was an honorable mention at the Youths Inspiration Writing Competition 2022

Growing up in the Bonamoussadi neighborhood, Fabrice-A very talented young man witnessed his ambition of becoming a Cyber Security expert crumble when he contracted X disease/handicap/hardship. After a life of hardship and suffering, he has been able to overcome the difficulties, and he is doing well, or so today. After going through a sequence of indescribable experiences, he knows better than anyone how others, who are going through the same situation, might be feeling. As a result, Fabrice brings up initiative Y to assist them in overcoming their difficulties. Initiative Y, which stems from a noble cause, grows in popularity and pulls the entire world together to help this particular set of individuals. To cut a long tale short, a single person, after reaching rock bottom in life, decides to bring up a motion that in less than no time will be addressing a world issue, providing a concrete solution or at least a rudimentary sample of a solution to the problem faced by the community.  

How often have we heard this story before? If not of the name of the youths, their age,  locality, and perhaps personal hardship which are subject to change. Youths are undeniably an essential part of the world’s development and African youths even more.  African youths share what I will call a commonality–they all have unique experiences which make them differ from the rest of the world. With certainty, I’d say thousands of such initiatives have risen because of the desire of the youth population to see our continent evolve and emerge into a problem-free environment.  

Today’s young population is rapidly growing, and, sadly, our continent’s problems and scourges are increasing as well. With a critical mentality and a desire to see their communities improve, these youth tend to endorse the responsibility of being the change they are looking for. Following this choice, youths develop ideas and raise finances individually or in groups, allowing the general public to witness the birth of a variety of fantastic social entrepreneurship concepts for diverse beneficiaries targeted at tackling the plethora of problems that their communities confront.  

Nowadays, youth-led social enterprises tend to produce more employment and hence more income, remedying community challenges, and finally have a lot of impacts,  attracting many people to support the cause via advocacy, increasing awareness, and partnerships with other groups having similar objectives.  

As clear evidence, the youth population is bringing Africa closer to its objective of creating a change by addressing the issues its communities face. The youth population is, therefore, an essential weapon to help Africa break down the chains of underdevelopment while tackling and solving most, if not all, of its most pressing issues. 

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