The Goodwill Fellowship Program

Report Cover, Goodwill Fellowship Phase One Report

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About the Goodwill Fellowship Program

The Goodwill Fellowship (GWF) Program is a youth-oriented initiative that brings together some of the most promising young changemakers who have a passion for community development and a vision to transform and scale their initiatives but do not know how to go about it. Goodwill Fellows undergo an intensive three-day in-person training followed by a five-month post mentorship program with expert mentors from across the globe. The 3-day in-person training program was designed to foster teamwork and develop soft skills like leadership, public speaking, and critical thinking skills within the fellows.

The sessions by our guest speakers delivered theoretical concepts in an engaging and practical manner by connecting the concepts to real-world scenarios. Topics covered in the sessions include team building, leadership, Public Speaking,
Personal Branding, Essay Writing, Communication Etiquette and core social entrepreneurship concepts like Design Thinking. The workshops inspired our fellows and presented social entrepreneurship as a powerful solution to create
employment and increase community engagement by using a Design Thinking approach to lead the fellows through the process of understanding local challenges – and the creation of innovative solutions.

Over the course of the program, the Fellows continue with implementing their initiative while participating in immersive workshops, training and mentorship. The fellowship equips changemakers with an opportunity to get access to global knowledge, community, training and tools to become more effective collaborators of change and grow their initiatives.