Productivity – The New Art of Life

COVID-19 has been trending globally for over two months now, pushing the entire world towards an unexpected shutdown within the blink of an eye. For most of us, we have leaped from dreams about radically changing the world, to worrying about breathing normally during tomorrow’s sunset view. Putting school on hold was celebrated across the globe by most students- an action which got me thinking why we are students. However, this joy was short-lived as the unprecedented break is already boring to many. Everything seems to be moving so slow- time flows like a walking snail and just a minute had passed each time I checked the time one hour ago. We can no longer just sit here and look at the walls, no matter how beautiful they were made. We are tired of gazing into a distance blankly, fiddling with pieces of paper, and juggling toilet rolls indoors (I must admit the toilet roll juggling was cool though…). All these boils down to one question; how can we stay productive at home-especially as students? I will briefly share with you some of the practices which we can adopt to maintain our “student status”. I draw these lessons from experiences and knowledge from books which I have read.

One of the best ways of being getting productive is writing down the list of tasks which needs to be accomplished. You need to start by deciding exactly what you want to do clear and concisely. If you wish for studying to be on the to-do list for the day, write down exactly which course and module you want to study. These tasks must be time-bound. So, the next step would be to allocate a reasonable time to each activity you plan to carry out for a day or week. Brian Tracy said- “there are no unrealistic goals; there are just unrealistic deadlines.” You have the tasks, you have the deadlines, how do you get the job done within your time-frame? You would have to write down the necessary things you must do to complete the task on time. Would you have to put your phone away? Or lock yourself up in a room just to ensure that you complete your task? This is your strategy. Personally, I would recommend that you do all of these steps at night, so you’d wake up to a day well planned.

Another method which might be of help is starting with your most laborious task. Definitely, there are tasks which are harder to do than others. Starting with the most challenging task and being able to complete it, unconsciously boosts up your productivity. “Do the worst first and then move on to your other tasks.” Also, morning habits are very important routines which either kills or breathes life into our productivity. After waking up to the morning alarm and the lovely melodies from the faint chirping of birds, most people stretch out to their phones to glimpse through their timeline updates while they were asleep- a productivity-killing character. I wake up every morning to a boldly written notice saying, “DON’T TOUCH YOUR PHONE.” Using your device during this period sweeps your brain off from transitioning from sleep mode to a productive mode.

The last tip for minor task would be to try the “One Touch Rule.” The rule basically requires that for each task we engage in, we should complete the task at that instance before moving on to something else. I would advise that you practice this with simple tasks first, as major tasks might suck up an entire day while using the One Touch Rule.

That’s all folks! I hope this helps, and I would love to get more strategies, feedback and criticisms in the comment section. Don’t forget to share within and beyond your circle.

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