This essay, by Bryan Anyika, was an honorable mention at the Youths Inspiration Writing Competition 2022.

Land of slumber! Perhaps he’ll go to dreamland later, dreaming of his projects, mission, ambition, and vision as president. A young man with dreams, a fantasy, an idea, and a desire to inspire the rest of the world. Can we simply say that his intuitions were correct, or that the realities drove the soul to seek solace in the beauty of imaginations? I tell you vehemently that reality is harsh, that the truth is bitter, and that the only escape is daydreaming. He was abruptly reintroduced to the outside world; reality. He was caught between hypnagogic sensations and the engrossing chapters of a book he was reading. And now he must act and act accordingly. It is time!

Young people have long been left behind in terms of political development and policy formulation. In our African context, leadership was associated with wisdom, and wisdom was viewed as a function of age and experience. However, recent research has shown that a person can be a better decision-maker and policymaker at a young age. It encourages young people to be judged not on who they are, but on their true and full potential. The substance of their cognitive ability and power. It doesn’t matter a matter no matter, only the matter, matter, and that is the ability of young people to make sound judgments and decisions to solve our generation’s problems.

Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani activist for female education and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, inspires me. The world’s youngest Noble Prize laureate. It is a compelling argument that young people can make a difference not only in their families, but also in their countries and the world at large. Young people can influence policy and decision-making to make the world a better place.

Captain Thomas Sankara was a young man when he rose to power and became Burkina Faso’s president. Because of his leadership qualities and abilities, he is still regarded as a respected icon in Africa. In Burkina Faso, the young man was ruthless in his fight against corruption. This should serve as a wake-up call to all African youth. This should serve as a wake-up call to all African youth; there is inspiration and motivation everywhere; only action is required.

For a long time, we have complained about our leaders’ poor leadership and mismanagement of our nations. But now that the sun has risen, it is time to take up the mantle and make a difference. Yes, we can, must, and will. I am convinced it is no longer a dream. I believe!

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