This poem, by Edmund Nnane, was a winner at the Youths Inspiration Writing Competition 2022.

Oh! I have read from history books,
And have heard elderly tongues confess,
How slaves in their despair
Wept in their misery, singing,
‘We shall overcome someday’
That day my forefathers dreamt of, only dimmed
Glinting in a more subtle way.
Darkness devised by my own father’s father
Who writes his texts in an ancient language
Tricky to us, we barely can comprehend.
Who decorates and refuses to renovate
For the appraisal of the eyes and not the heart.
He has barely drank up all fresh milk,
And grandma’s breast is dry and fallen.
Not even his son enjoyed thereof.

I’ll live to see someday,
Together with the overcomers.
When chains shall break loose completely,
Sealed locks pop open.
And change shall be change,
Not a construction for a month event.
I’ll live to see someday,
When youths like me shall arise,
Not with rifles or spears
But with ideas and pens
To address issues properly
Not hunting the lives of men.
To write in English and French
That all may understand
And call a change a change.

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