“Failure: The Guidelines to our Success”

Failure is an inevitable part of life which always comes as a test for resilience. Sad to say, most people do not get to bypass it and hence do not get rewarded for what was underneath. Before I continue with the motivational lines, let’s take a trip down memory lane on how in 2017, I restructured my shattered dreams into the far fetched illusion of studying abroad without a penny.

Few days after I “failed” the entrance into my dream university, my world was shattered as I received a blow from reality. Failure was the nickname subconsciously attributed to me by my teachers, family and friends for letting down their expectations. Frustration was all I felt after this day. Reflecting on this, I pondered on how many students go through this yearly, how do they cope with the peer and family pressure? I could barely think straight for months and was down in all aspects. Despite getting consoling words from a handful of people, I was filled with hopelessness and fear on the other hand due to how uncertain, higher education in my country was at that moment.

Roughly a year later, I still felt emptiness and unfulfilled. I dived into searching for study opportunities abroad and after my search, I realized how little I have been dreaming since high school. I read blogs and testimonials of students from Low Income families around Africa who are studying out of their home country. I knew I was no different, so I could possibly get what they have someday. While a majority of friends and families thought it was a ridiculously unrealistic dream, I was okay with it and eventually, I was taking baby steps towards my vision. I just had to risk it because honestly, I knew it will feel worth it when I’m all done. At some point, I came across a non-profit called Open Dreams out to help students who dare dream big like me. With unquantifiable assistance from Open Dreams, I touched and mentored over 1000 high school students, preparing them for the cruel after high school life within one year.

I had daily inspiring talks with students from various high school across Yaoundé (my country’s political capital). Cognizant of the absence of school counsellors at most institutions, I was passionate about providing free academic counselling and mentoring to all of them. 

In April 2019, almost two years after “failing” the exam, I got admitted into the only liberal arts college in West Africa; Ashesi University, as a MasterCard scholar. This was what I ripped off from my go-getter spirit and persistent anguish for the past two years. The dreams considered by most people as “imaginary” few years ago, became a reality when I landed at our tropical Pan-African Paradise at Berekuso, Accra.

With infinite opportunities present on campus, my journey is just getting started, thanks to the determination, commitment, and purpose driven spirit I had within me.


1. To FAIL simply means “First Attempt In Learning.” You can have infinite attempts till you get it right!

2. Failure is a part of life’s journey. Don’t give up just yet for you can always have one last try.

3. If plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 more letters of the alphabet.

4. Dream big, for dreams are FREE!

5. Don’t let mediocre people pull you down for blind people can’t see your vision.

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