We have identified a surge in the number of youths with the potential to change the world but do not have sustained interest, the resources, and the skills to do so. As a result, we are left to worry about how we can inspire, support, and empower young people to take action for our world and help build a more sustainable future. We believe in the power and potential of youth to create solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. Driven by this belief, the initiative aims to support youth to create positive change towards more inclusive, fair, and sustainable communities by inspiring, upskilling, and supporting young people through their change-making journey.
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We always learn that we are the leaders of tomorrow and that each person is a solution to a problem. However, we end up having no platform to support us in implementing the idea we have for solving a problem, nor realize our leadership potentials. There is an imperative need for the sound contribution of youth in the economic and social status of Africa, but such words from the leaders only end on paper.


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Knowing Youths Inspiration has been a blessing to me as he left an impact on my life. Growing up as a kid, I followed the normal phenomenon of reasoning (going to school, graduating from school, having a paid job, getting married and give birth to beautiful kids). All of these changed when a friend told me about Youths Inspiration.
Clement gave me some words of encouragement and wisdom which changed the way I looked at life. He made me realize I am worth more than that. He also made me realize that I am a great leader with a lot of potentials and that I can be anything I want if I work hard and put in my all. Thank you so much Clement for the wonderful things you are doing with Youths Inspiration.

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